Every competitive player is constantly looking at how to improve their game. As with any skill, there are different ways on how best one can get better. There are those of the opinion that when they play plenty of games, they’ll master more moves and improve. Others think of a chess game as a puzzle to be solved, just like the crossword or jigsaw, and they’ll usually study keenly on their favorite opening which helps them to know the possible outcome every time the opponent makes a move.

The truth is that, no single method of improving is recommended, whichever works best for you. In this article I will go through some of the methods that coaches, players and trainers have found effective. In the end you’ll find the benefit and improve your chess game since they form the core of any training.

Playing More Chess

It’s rather obvious that experience forms the necessary part of chess improvement. When you play, you get to put into practice what you’ve just learned and rectify the mistakes committed during the game without the help of the prompts used in puzzle books.

Long games that require more analysis and time management present a better opportunity for learning and practicing. For a quick opening and better intuition level, a Blitz game would be the most ideal to practice with, and get experience.

Studying the Master Game

A master game can greatly improve your chess game, since it helps you learn how strong players make their moves by formulating plans using their pieces that execute an endgame.

The best way, is to look for game collections with annotated games, which you can pick up on, games that have already played and learn from them. Alternatively, one can look for tournament books that have a variety of games analyzed from a certain event. For beginners, there are games available with more concluded annotations that are easy to follow and learn from.

Make Reviews of Every Game you Play

It’s always better to learn from one’s mistakes, that’s why it’s advisable to evaluate every move made in your game as a learning process. Learning from others is also helpful. This step is very critical to improvement since it allows the examining of your strengths and weaknesses as you figure out where you may have made a mistake.

In order to effectively do that, you should make a habit of recording every move you make when playing so that you can review later.

Get stronger players to help you in analyzing your game, because they’ll always be in a position to see what you missed and will provide useful insights into what needs to be improved.


Most chess games are determined by the tactics employed, especially when you are just beginning or trying to improve your moves. These skills will help you in knowing how to pick the inadequately defended pieces or surprise your opponents with unforeseen checkmates. The moves you make will aid in learning the patterns that assist in defending tactical threats arising in the game.

There are books available that have an analysis of various tactical problems and how to solve them. Even better, software has been designed that allow you to play and give feedback on every move you make. Some can be downloaded for free or be played online without having to set up or buy a chess board.

Chess Lessons

It’s a sacrifice to have a personal trainer, but the rewards are enormous. This is because the trainer will work with you for a period of time and will know how you play, so they can always craft a lesson tailored to cater for your needs. To find a suitable trainer it is good to inquire at clubs or tournaments if they can recommend one for you.

An alternative would be online lessons that are available on the internet at a much cheaper rate, but with the same benefits.