It is interesting how Synergy Chess set is composed and the origins of the pieces themselves. The game is made up of 32 pieces, double the amount of pieces in a normal chessboard. All the 32 pieces have specific position on the Synergy Chess game board. The pieces themselves have different designs and are given specific names. Traditionally, the names that were used are not what we know today.

Chess games have been popular throughout the world and almost every person that sees the board have an idea of the game. Many are in a position to name the pieces. The Synergy Chess has not been in existence for as long, but it is still easily recognize as a Chess Game merely by its well-known pieces.

Synergy chess is similar to regular chess although its board is bigger with additional number of pieces for each player. The game is crafted in a such a way that when one King is taken out of the game, you still have another King to keep in play and redeem yourself. The most easily recognizable pieces on a chessboard are the King, Queen and the Pawn. Nevertheless there are people that are not familiar with the lesser known names of the Rook, Bishop and Knight. The rules will also be difficult to many and the moves too. For those who are aware of them shouldn’t have a problem understanding how the Synergy Chess is played though, since the rules are basically identical, apart from a few special rules that have been created to avoid having the game end indefinitely.

The game of chess is believed to have emanated from India and the pieces were created mimicking the concepts of war maneuvers. The elements they bring out are those of cavalry, chariots, elephants and infantry that are represented by Knights, Rooks, Bishops and Pawns. In early days, the King was known as the General, but after the game made its way to Europe, it changed to King and its figure was redesigned from that of a military look to that of a monarch.

What is the History Behind the Design of the Pieces?

There is a theory behind the design of every piece used in the Synergy Chess game or the regular chess game.

  • Pawns are the always the first line of defence and were created to represent the peasants and foot soldiers that helps protect the court from attack. During the time of medieval chess they were named in reference to peasants occupations. This helped develop a new dimension to the game.
  • Bishops, as clergymen, have been given a tall hat which resemble what the actual bishops wore.
  • Rooks were created to symbolize the Chariot, which according to the Persian War, were used as armories with fortified stone work and looking like a mobile building. It was later redesigned to take the modern look of a turret.
  • Knights were designed to move on horseback, as cavalry and play a historical role in the game as gentry.
  • The King and Queen are design to depict royal crowns and hence are closely protected.

Many chess players or aficionados buy chess pieces and boards as vintage pieces, and for playing with. It’s not unusual to find ornate or decorative chess sets as part of home or office decor. Whatever the case, to acquire a board it is great to learn of the different chess variation such as the Synergy Chess and get to know how its played.