Is Chess Harmful to You

A tongue-in-cheek look at the harmful results associated with personalities that play chess.

This might give the impression that chess could be bad for you. Looking at the known aspects of the lives of the best players in chess throughout history brings out some common characteristics such as mental illnesses, extreme arrogance, alcoholism, vindictiveness

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4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Hands Off the Chess Board

Every chess player places great value in tricks, traits and characteristics that help him or her become a better chess player. Among a long list of things needed to do and not to do, is to keep your hands away from any piece on your chess board. At least, until you know exactly what

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Different Variations of Double Chess Game

In 1929, a double chess game was recorded between Capablanca and Maroczy. The variant chess was played on a 12×16 board and each player had double the pieces of a normal chess game. The invention was by Julian S. Grant Hayward in 1916.

The rules to this game were that the pawns could make an

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