How the Chess Pieces Were Constituted

It is interesting how Synergy Chess set is composed and the origins of the pieces themselves. The game is made up of 32 pieces, double the amount of pieces in a normal chessboard. All the 32 pieces have specific position on the Synergy Chess game board. The pieces themselves have different designs and are

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History of Chess and How It has Changed the Modern Chess Variants

Chess is one of the oldest board and strategy games played in the world. It is believed to have developed from Chaturanga, the Indian version of the game in the 6th century AD. Many theories exist about the origin of chess. Some old pieces of chess were found during excavation in an ancient Persian

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How to Play Synergy Chess

One of the most popular board games worldwide, and also one of the oldest is Chess, a two-player game played on a board that has 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 fashion and 32 pieces arranged on two ends of the board and each player starts 16 pieces.

Just like the normal chess game, Synergy

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Ways to Improve Your Chess Game

Every competitive player is constantly looking at how to improve their game. As with any skill, there are different ways on how best one can get better. There are those of the opinion that when they play plenty of games, they’ll master more moves and improve. Others think of a chess game as

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