Keeping the original game of chess in the centre of the board, the board has been made larger (12 x 12 squares), and an extra complete set of pieces have been added to each end, creating an innovative game of Double Chess.

Synergy Chess offers you the challenge to checkmate two Kings. When the first King is in checkmate it comes off the board, and then you have to checkmate the second King to win.

With two sets of pieces each to play with there are a great deal more strategies, dangers, and opportunities to enjoy.

NB: Bishop = 4 Points. In Chess the Pawn = 1 point, the Knight = 3 points, the Bishop = 3 points, the Rook = 5 points, and the Queen = 9 points. In Synergy Chess all of the points are the same, except the Bishop. Because of the extra long range attacking power compared to the Knight, the Bishop now = 4 points.

Rules of Synergy Chess.



Pinned Kings – Bishop

Pinned Kings – Rook

Double Check – Knight

Double Check – Rook

Checkmate – Be Careful !!

Pawn Promotion

Synergy Chess - Think Outside the Square[/imageframe]

How is Synergy different from regular Chess?

Synergy Chess uses the same rules as regular chess, with some extra rules for Castling,  Double Check, and First Checkmate. Synergy Chess is more enjoyable because there are two sets of pieces to play with! Players can use them to come up with more strategies, create opportunities, and promises to create a more engaging game like never before.

Synergy Chess - Bring the Fun back into Chess

Twice the Pieces and Twice the Fun

A Fun Challenge

Synergy Chess allows for more moves to play than the regular game. The mere fact that you have more moves at your disposal makes it challenging to capture both of your opponent’s Kings. It’s also more exciting to play because there is double the moving ground for your pieces than on the regular chessboard. You have double the pieces to strategize a win which can be done through sacrificing stronger pieces which will weaken your opponent’s position.

Improves Concentration Skills

Just like a puzzle, the more complexity involved, the more concentration needed to crack it! With more concentration you are able to focus on better openings and play, both fostering an environment to increase focus and to make you a more skilled pro in the game. Because this is a rather new game in the chess world, you will likely meet new challengers and that will harbour opportunities for different strategies.

Fun for All Ages

Youngsters are very curious and enjoy adventures; just what Synergy Chess provides. As an alternative to typical video games, children can develop better focusing skills with Synergy Chess because they will benefit from the mental exercise and attention required on multi levels. The skills involved in playing Synergy Chess will benefit your children and they will likely find it easier to understand mathematical concepts taught in school, and improve their regular game of Chess.

Easy to play

As there are no special pieces, nor any special moves, Synergy Chess is easy to learn, and more entertaining to play. Synergy Chess gives more leeway for making mistakes, and still having chances to win.


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I bought a copy of this game to test and I am impressed. Not only is Synergy Chess well thought out it’s both fun and challenging and I can win for a change! A whole new angle on chess!!
Sonnie Abdalla, Ommune